Why hire a Wedding Planner?

As a certified Wedding Planner, WPICC, I recently read an article on the WPIC website that brought a smile to my face. It was titled, "What the heck does a wedding planner do anyways" written by Tracey Manaliscu of Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. What is their purpose and is it cost effective for the memorable day?

Wedding planners are indispensable for all couples. Not just the couples with unlimited budgets but for all newly engaged couples. Wedding Planners guide you through the planning process by making suggestions on vendors, refining your ideas and advising on proper etiquette. But most importantly keeping your budget on track and insuring that your wedding-day timeline is planned right down to the small detail and carried out.

As Tracey Manaliscu suggests, the Wedding Planner's job is to ensure the wedding-day timeline runs smoothly. The Planner has the vendor contact information, the emergency kit which contains everything from scissors to tape to band aides. The Wedding Planner ensures the speeches are on time to the important photograph shots and to the arrival of the Dessert Table at 11 pm.

Thanks, Tracey for the great article and a reminder of why a Bride and Groom should understand "What the heck a wedding planner does."



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