What Was Old Is New Again -- The Power Of Nostalgia

What's old is new again -- the power of Nostalgia. Weddings are nostalgic moments in our personal lives where we capture the emotion of our relationship and place them into our wedding ceremony. Nostalgia evokes feelings of joy and happiness. To capture this joy, I suggest to newly engaged couples to create a storybook or vision of how they see their wedding day. This storybook may contain memories of their childhood years, their family background, the engagement and relationship and finally the couples' individual styles and personalities.

This storybook or vision will come to life through their choice of wedding theme and decor. Examples could be by simply adding a piece of heirloom jewelry to your bouquet. Other examples could be by attaching to each dinner card, an antique key adorned with some fringe or re-purposing vintage fruit baskets to hold your floral arrangements. Having an outdoor wedding? Hang old family wedding photos on a tree for a true "family tree." There are so many wonderful small touches that can bring to life the emotion and joy when two families come together. I hope this inspires your vision.



Copy of 1954 Canadian Bride Magazine


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