Winter Wonderland - Take me outside.

Winter Wonderland – Take me Outside

Canadians don’t shy away from embracing our winter wonderland. Here are a few things that have inspired us this winter season. Our Canadian winter serves as a backdrop of beautiful imagery. It provides a blank canvas of ideas that can come from all kinds of things.

Fashion, home decor, food, travel, you name it! Right now we are loving frosty colour palettes. Soft greys, muted blues and shimmering neutrals all create that soft winter look that gets you excited to warm up with some mulled wine and a blanket by the fire.

1. Velvet

We have been dreaming about velvet since the very fashionable Duchess of Cambridge embraced this gorgeous look. We love how luxurious velvet can be, and its heaviness makes it that perfect finishing touch for any winter design.

2. Layering of Textures

Layering is a norm during our winter seasons. Plaids, heavy cable knits, and furs; put them all together and you have one seriously cozy + stunning look.

3. Mixing Metallics

Metallics are already a huge phenomenon, but who says you must choose just one? Mixing silvers, golds, rose golds, coppers, and dark brass can create that romantic sparkle everyone is looking for during the winter.

4. Playing with Fire

One of our favourite things about winter designs is that you can incorporate fire in a dramatic way.

Fire creates a cozy atmosphere that allows you to enjoy the natural winter scenery while keeping toasty warm.

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